About Us

SocialFindlay.com is a digital portal to Findlay, Ohio, businesses, the arts, non-profit organizations, government agencies, news and so much more. This site is powered by the websites, blogs and social media that are available online. It was our goal to clear the digital clutter and present local content in an organized and entertaining manner for our viewers while supporting the digital efforts of our community members. Social Findlay amplifies your online presence, boosting visits to your social media and websites, and improving your SEO. Share your recent news, events, photos, coupons, etc. by using #socialfindlay (Twitter and Instagram) or @Social_Findlay (Facebook) to post on our accounts. SocialFindlay.com was engineered by Findlay Digital Design, the digital creative department at Findlay Internet Services a division of the Findlay Publishing Company.


How come my business is not listed?

  • We’re still adding you or we don’t know about you. Email us with your business’s information.
  • Your Facebook is set-up as personal page. Quick question, does your business page have “friends” or get ‘likes”. If you get ‘likes’ you are in the clear. If your business page has “friends” then you are set-up as a personal page and can not be included. Click here for more details on how to correct this.

How come only my Facebook ID number is showing up on my feed and not my business name?

More than likely the cause is how you named your page. Click here for details on how to properly name your page. Assign a unique Facebook user page name here.

Privacy and Terms

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  • SocialFindlay.com is NOT responsible for any information, positive or negative, that a user submits or responds to online and all users policy statements are intact for that media source.
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  • SocialFindlay.com is designed to support local businesses & organizations in the community without bias. However, we do reserve the right to refuse, block or remove participants at will.
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Add Me/Remove Me:

There is no charge to be listed on SocialFindlay.com! Contact us to be added or if you would like to be removed. We can creatively incorporate ALL your digital media into this website. Include: name, phone number, email & brief description. We will contact you to discuss the details or if we have any additional questions.