Chick-Fil-A continued its grand opening countdown with the “First 100 Road Trip.” Roughly 40 locals boarded a bus from the CFA parking lot at 9am Wednesday to depart for a day of community service. Once completed, they will all receive 1 free CFA meal per week for a year.

The first stop was Habitat for Humanity’s new location: 1200 Commerce Parkway. According to Wendy McCormick, executive director of Hancock County Habitat for Humanity, the new location is roughly 23,000 square feet. All Habitat services, the office, and the ReStore will relocate to this space. The move is anticipated to take place before Thanksgiving, but does require volunteers to make this happen. To learn more about the facility and help out, visit their website.

We left Habitat to have lunch at Riverside Park. Lunch was – you guessed it – Chick-fil-A!

After the break, the bus took everyone over to Great Scot on Broad Ave. Shopping lists from the City Mission were distributed for everyone. $850 worth of items were purchased and delivered. Once the trip was complete, the participants were presented with a card granting them 52 free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches to be used within 1 year!

Chick-Fil-A, located at 1931 Tiffin Ave, has its grand opening is tomorrow, September 6th. Their regular hours will be 6:30am-10pm Monday-Saturday. If you just can’t wait, take a peek inside the store from the VIP event that was held September 4th!


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