Have you ever walked past the Kirk building (opposite Alexandria’s on Crawford Street), and wondered why there were people walking in and out wearing scrubs? Wonder no more! The Kirk building is home to several businesses, including IntelliHARTx. Pronounced “in-tell-ah-hearts,” the name stands for “Intelligent Treatment for Heathcare Account Resolution.” They avoid the word “collections,” focusing instead on treating patients respectfully as people – not debtors. The Findlay office serves as headquarters, with another location in Kingsport, TN.
Downsizing in 2016 may have led some people to believe the business closed. At the beginning of 2017, co-founder and COO, Philip Gower, started to move the company in a new, revitalized direction. In fact, they are now going full force into expansion of the full-time team in Findlay.
Interested applicants must have a strong work ethic, dedication and organization to complete tasks in a timely manner, the ability to engage patients with a high level of emotional intelligence, and a caring personality. This is not your average call center, but Advocates do sit at a desk and talk with patients on the phone. The position is constantly active, as advocates provide constant help to patients to resolve their medical balances. Starting pay is in the $12/hour range. All advocates are provided with membership to Impact Fitness, located next door to the office, as well as other perks. They are also looking for bilingual Spanish/English applications.
If you want to show up to work with a positive attitude, be part of a fun team, and make a difference in patients’ lives, please submit an application to IntelliHARTx‘s Findlay office here.
5 Facts about IntelliHARTx:

  1. They wear comfortable blue scrubs as a reminder that they work with patients, and everyone looks good in blue!
  2. The Kirk building started as the Kirk Wholesale Store, which prepared and delivered whole goods locally.
  3. They have fun monthly events like a Last Day of Summer Dietsch’s ice cream party, an Employee Appreciation Cook Out, a Christmas Party, and office trick-or-treating.
  4. Original features of the building have been maintained right in the middle of the workspaces, such as the “lightning package transit chutes” designed in 1905 to transport merchandise quickly though each floor. It’s basically a big wooden and metal slide with a wheeled cart on it (no, you sadly can’t ride on it).
  5. You can work in a close-knit team, and build friendships and bonds that go beyond the workplace, and create a sense of family around the office.

Meet the team,and check out the building in this video:

Tour of IntelliHARTx and the Kirk Building downtown.
Posted by Social Findlay on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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