Is This The Worst Street In Findlay, Ohio?

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This is the worst street to travel in town due to the traffic. If you get stuck at the red light going East at Blanchard, Main or Western Ave you and sit through 3 light changes, especially at peak times. This street seems to play “crossroads” to downtown from the East side( Lakeview, Forrest Park, Country Club Division) of town (especially the housing complex Hunter’s Ridge/Creek). Then farther West (of the Courier) you have The Palms, Dold Subdivision, (there’s another one across from The Palms) all filtering into downtown












So what IS this mystery “WORST STREET IN FINDLAY, OHIO”? Statistically, it’s Sandusky street! Let us know what you think of this choice and what you do to avoid this street in peak hours!




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