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Formerly known as Tee Oriental (and for the moment, still sporting the Tee Oriental signage), Downtown Findlay’s Asian grocery store came under new ownership in March 2016. Now called B & T’s Asian Market, brother and sister team, Ben and Thoy, have brought new life to this Findlay establishment. If you love making Asian food and have been unable to find the groceries you need at the typical Midwestern grocery stores, or you’re wanting to try something new, be sure to stop by!
Here are 10 things you need to try:


Yes, you can buy rice at Meijer or Great Scot, but if you’re looking for more specialty varieties, B & T’s is the place to go. Pictured here are bags of sweet rice and sushi rice, but they also have larger bags of other varieties.

Fresh Produce

When we visited the shop, Thoy mentioned that fresh produce is one of the key factors that draws customers in. Fresh produce is delivered every Friday afternoon, and because of the popularity and short shelf life of bean sprouts, they tend to be restocked two or three times per week.

Snack Foods

The Asian snack foods that B & T’s stocks are an easy way to try new things without too much time or monetary commitment. We highly recommend Pocky, lychee jelly cups, Meiji Hello Panda Cookies, and mochi.


Often used in the creation of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), some of B & T’s most popular products are their meatballs. They come in all different forms: beef, pork, cuttlefish, stuffed, etc.


Thoy mentioned that their frozen fish selection is also incredibly popular. In fact, their butterfish was out-of-stock when we stopped by.


You’ll find pretty much every kind of Asian noodle you can imagine, from rice noodles, to egg noodles, to ramen. Go noodle crazy! And if you’re a college student, living on ramen, there’s a much broader selection of flavors here than what you’ll find at Meijer.


Soy sauces, fish sauces, teryakis, currys, pepper sauces, and pretty much any other sauce you can imagine.


You’ll find a large selection of herbal teas, green teas, and powdered teas.

Marinated Meats

Thoy pointed out their selection of frozen meats, including Beef Tocino, as being quite popular. You won’t find most of this at a typical Midwestern grocery store.

Frozen Foods

The frozen eggrolls and spring rolls were pointed out to me as a particularly popular frozen food item, but really, if you want to up your frozen food game, try it all. My eyes were drawn to the frozen pork buns. I’ll definitely be stopping back in the near future.

Have you been to B & T’s Asian Market yet? What are your favorite products? Leave us a comment!

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