Top 7 Breakfast Spots in Findlay, OH

Support local businesses and celebrate breakfast! Findlay has a number of great local breakfast spots. You already know the chains (e.g. Denny’s or Waffle House), but here are some eateries that you’ll only find in Findlay.
Note: This is not an exhaustive list. If we’ve missed your favorite Findlay breakfast, please leave us a comment!

1. Scrambler Marie’s

via Scrambler Marie's
via Scrambler Marie’s
516 South Main Street
Technically Scrambler Marie’s is a chain, but all the locations are in Ohio, so I’ll make an exception. It’s the quintessential breakfast place. Grab some pancakes, bacon, or an omelet. Their seasonal stuffed french toast is always a hit (particularly the pumpkin stuffed french toast in the fall). Opens at 6:30am every morning.

2. Dark Horse Restaurant

via Yelp
via Yelp
4136 North Main Street
Dark Horse restaurant is home to a full breakfast menu with a wide range of options including breakfast pizza, huevos rancheros, and a number of Dark Horse specials. Opens at 7am Monday-Saturday and at 8am on Sunday.

3. Pilgrim Restaurant

via Yelp
1505 West Main Cross Street
The Pilgrim is a Findlay classic. They offer all the classic breakfast food, and we recommend the fried mush and the potatoes. Opens at 6am on Monday-Saturday and at 7am on Sunday.

4. The Baker’s Cafe

via Baker's Cafe
via The Baker’s Cafe
105 East Sandusky Street
The Baker’s Cafe has a broad selection of coffee and tea drinks, and they also have several breakfast food options. Try one of their omelet sandwiches or a breakfast panini. Their cinnamon rolls and muffins are also delicious. Check out their Facebook page for their daily muffin flavors. Opens for breakfast at 7am on Monday-Friday and at 9am on Saturday.

5. Fort Findlay Coffee & Doughnut Shoppe

via Fort Findlay
via Fort Findlay
1016 Tiffin Avenue
Fort Findlay is a Findlay breakfast staple. If someone brings awesome doughnuts in to work, this is probably where they got them. They’re also well-known for their coffee. It’s all in the name, folks. We recommend the #4 with a breakfast sandwich on a croissant, a chocolate glazed donut (with sprinkles of course), and a local coffee blend for $4.99. Opens at 5am Monday-Saturday and at 6am on Sunday.

6. Main Street Deli

via Main Street Deli
via Main Street Deli
513 South Main Street
You’ve probably had lunch at Main Street Deli, but have you had breakfast? They have omelets, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, muffins, and pastries. Opens for breakfast at 7am on Monday-Friday.

7. Southside Family Restaurant

via Yelp
3050 South Main Street
Southside Family Restaurant has a dedicated fan base, and it offers good basic breakfast foods and breakfast buffet for very reasonable prices. Opens at 7am everyday.

BONUS #1: Bread Kneads

via Bread Kneads
via Bread Kneads
510 South Blanchard Street or 540 South Main Street Suite E
If you’re in the market for a breakfast pastry, Bread Kneads is the place to go. Grab one of their classic Orange Blossoms, or try one of their other Sweet Roll options. You’ll also find kuchens, muffins, and pecan rings. Opens at 7:30am Monday-Friday.

BONUS #2: George House Coffee & Tea

via Instagram
via Instagram

1041 North Main Street
If you’re a University student, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time at George House. If you’re not a University student, you should still frequently visit George House. Try one of their iconic pistachio muffins and their coffee/tea of the day. There are also some breakfast sandwich options. When it’s warm outside, try their Australian Ice or the Bubble Tea for something new. Opens at 6am on Monday-Saturday, and at 8am on Sunday.

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