Ohio Legends Baseball 12u is a travel baseball team for kids 12 and under with a unique opportunity for many kids in the Hancock County and Seneca County region.


Founder Jesus Garcia (known by many as ‘Goose’) is a college student currently employed at Fostoria’s Geary Family YMCA. With his experience coaching a 12 and under baseball team in Bloomdale in 2019 and a 14 and under team in Fremont currently, he’s ready to expand so he can offer more kids the opportunity to learn from this great experience like he did when he was younger.

Goose grew up playing travel baseball, which he believes helped him develop not only skills in baseball, but social skills as well, all while making great memories. Another benefit he sees is the cross mingling from different schools. With a travel baseball team, kids aren’t limited based on what school they attend, so different kids from different schools have the opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships along the way as well.

The main mission of Ohio Legends Baseball 12u is to develop the kids to be ready for high school sports, and to teach them when to take things seriously.  Goose relates certain aspects of the game to life situations, all with the goal of teaching kids a larger lesson about being responsible and trying their best.

Tryouts are beginning soon this summer, and there are many opportunities for kids to give it their best shot.

  • August 8th, 2020 @ Tiffin, Oh National Machinery Baseball Field
    • Time 12-2pm (Participants must arrive by 11:45am)
  • August 15th, 2020 @ Foundation Park Field, 4&5
    • Time 12-2pm (Participants must arrive by 11:45am)
  • August 22nd, 2020 @ Marathon Diamonds, Field 2
    • Time 10am- 12pm (Participants must arrive by 9:45am)
    • Time 12:30-2:30pm (Participants must arrive by 12:15pm)
  • August 29th, 2020 @ Foundation Park, Field 4&5
    • Time 12-2pm (participants must arrive by 11:45am)

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