By now, you have probably received your 2020 Census form in the mail. Carried out every 10 years, the Census determines a state’s number of seats in the House of Representatives, and distribution of federal funding. These are just a couple of the large-scale uses of the data. The website outlines some of the  ways the information is utilized on state-wide and federal levels.

But what does the Census mean for Findlay? The statistics gathered help potential businesses decide whether or not they will invest in the city, and what the best location would be. Staffing, payroll, and inventory may even be calculated based on census information. You can learn more about the data’s importance to businesses on this page.

In order to get accurate numbers of all residents of the country, every home in the United States and its territories must complete the census. Only one person can complete the form per household. The questionnaire should be completed in regards to your usual residence as of April 1st, 2020. “Usual Residence” means “the place where they live and sleep most of the time.”

Try to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible. Starting in May, census workers will visit homes that have not yet responded. The last day of the Census count is August 14th. For a preview of the questions, along with explanations of why they are asked, click here. To complete the official questionnaire, you can fill out the form mailed to your residence, submit it online, or over the phone at (844)330-2020. The phone line is open from 7am-2pm EST. The form is available in 59 languages.

City of Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn says, “The information gathered in the Census is critical to helping our government leaders, educators, and businesses meet the needs of our community both now and in the future. But it is not just data. It is a picture of our community.” Be sure to do your part and help Findlay collect this important information.

This article is sponsored by the City of Findlay.

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