Hancock County voters have a choice to make for Sheriff in the March 17th primary election. Mike Heldman, Tim Saltzman, and Verl Warnimont are the three contenders. The chosen candidate would begin their 4-year term on January 1st of 2021. Social Findlay is running an opinion poll ahead of the election. Select the candidate below who has your support (limit 1 vote per person – just like in real life!):

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Which Candidate Do You Support for Sheriff?
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If you need to register to vote in the county, or update your information, you can do so here. The deadline to register to vote in the March 17th election is February 18th.

There are many issues and candidates up for election in March, in addition to Sheriff. School levies, county commissioner, Ohio Supreme Court, democratic presidential candidates, are some of the other items on the ballot. Find more information of what will be included here.

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