414 S. Main Street – A History

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The Hancock County Historical Museum dug up some fantastic old photos and postcards of the building that is now Logan’s. Take a look back in time (the photos are in chronological order), and see how much the building and all of downtown have changed over the decades.

414 S. Main Street spent a large portion of its life next to a shoe store. Leprechauns are cobblers, so it is as if this building was destined to become an Irish pub!

Horses & Carts and a dirt Main Street! Logan’s is on the left side of the street.


Believe it or not, the building on the left is today’s Jones Building, on the corner of W Crawford and Main. This photo was taken before an extension to the front and top of the building. The older building to the right is Copeland Financial.

Today’s Jones Building before and after modifications.

The same view, but a more direct. 414 is the right (North) half of the 2nd building from the left. It was Findlay Harness & Lrather at this time. The tall building on the end is Patterson’s dry goods.

The same view, as a postcard.

414 is on the left side, again. The tall building on the right is where Muddy River Bicycles can be found today.

Just your average old-timey elephant parade down the tram tracks in downtown Findlay. 414 is watching the proceedings as Porters.

No elephants, but there is a dog in a baby buggy, and what appears to be a walking oil derrick. Parties on Main Street are no new thing!

NW corner of Sandusky and Main. In 1949, Pattersons absorbed 416 S. Main (Pictured here as Turner-Fenstermaker). This is why the Eoff building is twice as wide, now, and why 416 S. Main Street no longer exists.

Patterson’s after a major facelift, and now takes up 418 and 416. 414 is pictured here as a drugstore.

A view from above, looking SW down S.  Main

Just before construction on Logan’s began.

Logan’s today.

Modern Jones Building photo credit: Google Street view.

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