If you’re new in Findlay or looking to change up your lunch hour, here are 8 restaurants (in no particular order) serving lunch in Downtown Findlay that you’re sure to enjoy.
Note: This is not a comprehensive list of excellent downtown dining. If you have a favorite that has been missed, please sing its praises in the comments!

1. The Baker’s Café

the bakers cafe
via The Baker’s Cafe
105 East Sandusky Street
A friendly little café on East Sandusky Street, The Baker’s Café is my favorite stop for lunch. The delicious homemade soups and baked goods rotate daily, and accompany freshly-made paninis and sandwiches perfectly. Dense, fudgy brownies as big as your hand and baked potato soup are a couple of the Baker’s Café standards with which you can’t go wrong. The ambiance is cheerful and welcoming.
If you stop in before 11:00AM, I’ve heard their omelet sandwiches are incredible.

2. We Serve. Coffee

We Serve Coffee
via TripAdvisor
114 East Sandusky Street
We Serve. Coffee may have coffee in its name, but if you’ve never tried their food, you’re missing out. One of my favorite lunches is ½ of a Luau Panini (ham, provolone, cinnamon apple slices, red pepper flakes, and apricot pineapple jam) and ½ of a spinach salad (topped with candied pecans, mandarin oranges, onions, and poppyseed dressing). I’ve also heard people say amazing things about ordering Honey Smoked Salmon on the Tomato Mozzarella Salad.
At We Serve. Coffee, 100% of the profits go to local and global charities. So stop in, buy a cup of a coffee and some lunch, and while you wait, browse the work of local artists.

3. Main Street Deli

via UrbanSpoon
513 South Main Street
After you’ve been to Main Street Deli a few times, some of the employees will probably start greeting you by name. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like this Findlay lunch destination, and you’ll see the evidence of this at noon Monday-Friday, when the Main Street restaurant is packed from wall-to-wall with customers looking for delicious sandwiches and homemade soup.  I’m a big fan of the “Bowl and Butts” menu option where you get a large bowl of soup and a basket of bread ends for about $5. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for excellently-priced, daily lunch specials.
As an extra special bonus, Main Street Deli will deliver. So, if you are pressed for time or avoiding the lovely Ohio winter weather, you won’t have to leave the office for a delightful lunch.

 4. The Wine Merchant

via Snooth
540 South Main Street
If you frequent the previously-mentioned sandwich shops and are looking for something a little different, head over to the corner of Main and Hardin, and try The Wine Merchant. Chicken Fuji Apple Salads, Lemon Wasabi Wraps, Balsamic Chicken Paninis, and Spicy Feta Pizzas are just some of their unique offerings. Portions are a little smaller and prices are a little bit higher, than say, Main Street Deli, but the food is delicious, and you can always pick up a bottle of wine for later at the adjoining shop.

5. Bread Kneads

via VisitFindlay

540 South Main Street Suite E
After becoming a lunchtime staple on S Blanchard Street, Bread Kneads recently expanded to a second location downtown, next to The Wine Merchant. Pick up one of the sandwich cards when you walk in, and design a sandwich that has exactly the right combination of toppings. Or try some soup in a bread bowl. After lunch, don’t forget to pick up some famous Butterflake Rolls or Sweet Rolls for later.

6. Wilson’s Sandwich Shop

via Michican Burger Boys
600 South Main Street
A Findlay classic, little needs to be said about Wilson’s Sandwich Shop. Suffice it to say that this is where you should go if you’re in an all-American mood and just want a classic hamburger and some homemade pie.
Check out this video from VisitFindlay for some hints on how to order:

7. Logan’s Irish Pub

Logans Irish Pub
via InsiderOhio
414 South Main Street
On rainy, cloudy days, head over to Logan’s Irish Pub for some comfort food and a wood-paneled atmosphere. Warm up with some hearty Irish Stew and Soda Bread, or have some Fish and Chips if you’re in the mood for classic pub fare.
If you’re going back to work after lunch, you may want to skip the beer, but it will always be there when you get off of work. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for upcoming concerts and events.

8. Stix

via Stix
via Stix
122 East Sandusky Street
If you’re feeling extra classy when lunchtime comes around, check out Stix, Findlay’s Asian Fusion hotspot. They have a number of lunch specials, but if you’re looking for cheap and delicious, your best bet is to show up on Tuesdays for their weekly $2 Taco Tuesday event. I find the pork belly tacos are particularly delicious.
Check out their Facebook page for specials and events.

BONUS: Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco

via Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco
Various locations around Findlay
I’m bending the rules a little bit by including Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco in a “Best of Downtown Findlay” post, since you won’t find this food truck downtown everyday. But about half the time, you’ll find them parked outside of Salvation Army, and this food is too delicious not to include.
Grab one of their meal deals, a couple of their tacos, and/or a sinful slice of cheesecake. You’ll find the specials and their daily location listed on their Facebook page. Share their post, and you’ll be entered to win free food!

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