Downtown Findlay has a LIVE streaming camera hanging outside the Blackford building located across from Chase Bank on Main St. The camera, branded as the CourierCam, points north up Main St. with the Hancock County Courthouse in the far background. The camera and equipment are owned by The Courier, while Moyer Financial Services provides the location and internet bandwidth required to stream the video.
Over the years, we have watched snow storms and checked road conditions from the comfort of our homes and offices. 2015 showed a spike in traffic as hundreds avoided the rain and watched the Halloween Parade online.  The CourierCam has even been witness to several car accidents at this intersection. However, nothing has been as exciting about the CourierCam as the viewer submissions over the years.
These are Social Findlay’s Best of CourierCam. If you would like to submit your poorly photoshopped screenshot please send us an email.

It all started here…..eeeek rats invade downtown! We don’t recall exactly who was visiting Findlay that week but they definitely were not popular with this artist.


Can you count how many chicks are in this picture? Neither can we, but this artist was certainly excited about Easter.Capture2


This Photoshop magician cast the illusion that downtown was under water. This photo actually caused a little trouble as readers started contacting us to ask if the top of the parking garage had flooded. True story.Capture3

Findlay has no shortage of construction projects with buildings going up, buildings coming down, and people parking backwards at an angle. All of this progress and growth does come with its own set of growing pains.


This one we actually snagged from Twitter. If you are are familiar with the video game or the movie then this should creep you out. Capture5


Those little drunken buggers slipped out of Logan’s and attacked the CourierCam again.


You guessed it, a huge snowstorm was approaching our area. For the record, the 10″-12″ of snow they forecast actually turned in 2″. All this drama for nothing…Capture7


Oh and finally, the pièce de résistance of all CourierCam screenshots. This Photoshop Pirate stole our hearts when he sent us this treasure. His bounty for all this hard work is a lifetime of bragging rights….yay Nicholas Powell!


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