Litter Landing is a free recycling facility located at 1720 E. Sandusky Street in Findlay. They have just announced an exciting new way for local residents to reduce waste, which we would like to share with you. Please find their press release below:

Hancock County Solid Waste Management District and Clothes Bin® have partnered to collect and recycle old clothing, shoes and textiles! So, please do not throw them away!

Just place ethe items in the green recycling bin at Litter Landing. Every pound of recycled items supports our organization! Below is a list of items that can be placed into the bin.

  • Clothing:  pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, suits, shorts, shirts, tees, tanks
  • Footwear:  shoes, boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, socks, tights
  • Undergarments:  bras, underwear, slips, camisoles
  • Accessories:  hats, belts, ties, scarves, headbands
  • Handbags:  wallets, totes, luggage, backpacks, briefcases
  • Linens:  towels, sheets, comforters, blankets, tablecloths

As you clean out the old and bring in the new, you can help the environment and Hancock County Solid Waste Management District, too!

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