In addition to several taxi services, you can now find a ride in Findlay by using the popular Lyft app.
All it takes is to request a ride is setting your pickup and drop-off points on the map within the app, tap “Request Lyft,” and watch as the driver approaches your pickup point. You’ll also see photos of the car and driver you’re expecting.
Rides are priced at a base rate plus a per-mile and per-minute charge. If demand for rides is high, rates will go up. Payments are made directly through the app, so you will never need to reach into your wallet. You can even leave tips through the app.
All Lyft drivers go through DMV and background checks, and vehicles must meet a certain set of standards. You can read more about the company’s safety and vetting processĀ here.
Lyft offers $20 off your first ride, which you can claim by signing up here. Download the Lyft app in Google Play or the App Store. If you’re interested in becoming a local driver, click here.
Have you used Lyft in Findlay, or Lyft, Uber, Hailo or other similar services in other cities? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments!
A reader submitted this flyer to us, with more information about one of Findlay’s drivers:

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