Social Findlay recently got in touch with Joanie (Dodds) Sprague. She attended the University of Findlay for several years, became a model, and is now a carpenter on TLC’s revived Trading Spaces. The new show debuts on Saturday, April 7th. Keep an eye out for her! You may also recognize her as runner-up on Season 6 of America’s Next Top Model.
SF: What made you decide to study in Findlay?
JS: I went to Findlay because my dad was going to seminary there. I was also in the state/county, so I got a better tuition rate at that time. The affiliation with our church was nice.
What did you study?
I studied economics and computer science, and my advisor was Greg Arburn who was the best ever! I was there from 2000 to 2004.
How did your time in Findlay prepare you for the exciting career you have had?
I think being at Findlay really helped me get a grip on how hard it can be to make it in the real world. The teachers were firm and I really respect that.
What did you like most about living in Findlay?
I loved living on the South end of town. I had the luck of living above a garage behind a very historic home around 2nd Street. I miss the charm of Findlay. I finished high school at Cory Rawson in Rawson, OH. Also being from Pittsburgh originally, its always cool to say I lived where Ben Rothlisburger is from. Hehe! I also used to work part time at the Buckle, GAP, and Elder Beerman at the mall.
What do you miss most?
I used to hang out a lot with the hockey team and I was so proud of our achievements in sports! I also miss the burgers at Wilson and George House coffee!
Do you ever come back to visit?
I have only been back twice to visit. It’s time for another visit!!!

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