Rustic weddings have been in vogue for several years now, so rustic venues have been growing in popularity, as well. While rustic venues can provide the perfect photo op, the Hilton Garden Inn Findlay reminds you to consider some important topics before setting your sights on this type of venue for your wedding. The HGI offers a large, flexible ballroom that can be transformed into any look you are hoping to achieve, including a rustic theme.

What if it’s particularly hot, or unseasonably warm, and the venue does not have air conditioning? A/C helps with more than just temperature. Bringing your own fans won’t help with potential humidity. Is there a furnace? Even in the summer, your party could get chilly in the evening, or due to a cold front. Is it worth the photo ops to make your guests – and yourselves – uncomfortable? You won’t have to worry about being comfortable at the Hilton Garden Inn in any weather.

Does the venue have adequate plumbing? Are there bathrooms available on-site for your guests? If not, are they within a reasonable distance from the building? You may have guests who can’t make a long trek to another building for the facilities. If there is electricity, are there enough outlets for your needs? With spacious and conveniently located bathrooms on-site and plenty of accessible electrical outlets, The Hilton Garden Inn provides all the most important amenities that you and your guests will want and need.


Very few rustic venues are all-inclusive. Often all they provide is the venue itself. That means you will likely have to find and/or bring along a caterer, chairs, tables, decor, lights, maybe even portable toilets…absolutely everything except the venue itself. The HGI offers in-house catering, a bar, an on-site event coordinator, and beyond. They have a list of tried-and-true vendors they are happy to recommend for additional items and services. Don’t forget that you and your guests also won’t have far to go after your reception if you stay onsite! Block rates are available.

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