The I-75 Lowdown

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If you ever drive on the highway through Findlay, or north of Findlay you’ve surely noticed the construction by now.

North of Findlay, there are now 3 lovely lanes for both north and south-bound traffic. That project is now making its way through Findlay, with some extra items on the agenda. Take a look at this article from The Courier for a better idea of what’s going on, and when. ODOT’s Weekly Road Report for the week of 5/30can be viewed here.

UPDATES as of 5/30: The Harrison St. overpass will be closed until Feb 2018. From today on, I-75 traffic around the overpass may be slowed or stopped for up to 15 minutes at a time. I-75 traffic around this overpass will frequently be down to 1 lane over night  (9pm-7am) over the coming weeks and months. Expect overnight  restrictions to 1 lane along much of the highway through Findlay, up to Wood county. The exit ramp from I-75 northbound to U.S. 68/state Route 15 (exit 156) is expected to close June 19 for approximately three years. At that time, traffic will be detoured north to the state Route 12 interchange to I-75 southbound back to U.S. 68/state Route 15. Construction of noise walls will begin within 2 months, and will be carried out from South to North. These walls should be completed by July 2018.

  • In town, West Main Cross between Western and Glessner will be closed to traffic for the rest of the week during working hours.
  • The first alley west of Main Street between Lima and Front streets will be closed to traffic during working hours through the rest of the week

UPDATES as of 5/22: Northbound I-75 between OH 15 and Co. Rd. 99 will shift to the right lane this week, and construction will increase during the day. At night, both north- and southbound lanes are frequently reduced to 1 lane as construction continues through the night. The northbound I-75 exit to OH 15 will close in the next few weeks, and will remain closed for 3 years. A detour will be posted.

UPDATES as of 5/15: The Harrison Street Bridge will be closed from May 15th for an anticipated 9 months. More information on WFIN’s site. WFIN also has more information on a closure of a bridge from SR 15 to 68, plus some additional local roadworks.

Did you know there are real-time cameras in a few locations along I-75 through town? Here is one on the overpass on County Road 99. This one is a little further north. A few different perspectives can be seen from the cameras on 224.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has a Facebook page to let us all know what they’re up to, including a construction kickoff video filmed at the Findlay Airport on March 30th. Don’t get stuck in traffic – make sure you keep an eye out for updates. We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop!


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