If you ever drive on the highway through Findlay, or north of Findlay you’ve surely noticed the construction by now.
North of Findlay, there are now 3 lovely lanes for both north and south-bound traffic. That project is now making its way through Findlay, with some extra items on the agenda. Take a look at this article from The Courier for a better idea of what’s happening, and when.
UPDATE 12/4: The Southbound ramp from US-68/OH-15 onto I-75 will be closed tonight from 9pm-5am. A detour will be posted via OH-12 (W. Main Cross). The exit ramp from I-75 onto 68/15 may be slowed or stopped at this time. Read more information about this, and other parts of the I-75 project, here.
UPDATE 11/22: US-224 entrance and exit ramps onto I-75 will reopen today at noon! Construction will end at that point for the Thanksgiving holiday, and start back up on Monday morning. In early December, southbound traffic will shift back to the southbound lanes. Construction of noise barrier walls has already begun on the south end of town. The brand new Harrison St. bridge is expected to open in March, and a new southbound exit onto US-68 should open a little later in the spring. Read the Courier article here.
UPDATE 10/19: The southbound entrance ramp onto I-75 at Trenton Ave/US-224/exit 159 is closed. The southbound entrance and northbound exit ramps at W. Main Cross/US-12/exit 157 are closed for ramp reconstruction. There are detours for both closures posted via County Road 99 (exit 161)
UPDATES as of 8/14: Stay in the right-hand lane of 75 if you want to exit at and of the Findlay exits. You will not be able to exit from the left lane.  North and Southbound will be down to 1 lane from 9pm-7am this week. Both lanes will be occasionally closed on US 68 from the airport to Eagle Creek. This work will last until about the end of September. 224 west of state Route 235 will be closed until the last week or so of August (a detour is posted).
UPDATES as of 6/26: 2 lanes will be open during daytime hours, but expect I-75 to be down to 1 lane between 9pm-7am. Pay close attention to lane shifts, and exit changes as construction continues. River Road and Howard Street will close occasionally during reconstruction of the I-75 bridge over the Blanchard River this week. I-75 around the former Harrison St. Bridge will also occasionally be down to 1 lane during reconstruction of that bridge.
UPDATES as of 5/30: The Harrison St. overpass will be closed until Feb 2018. From today on, I-75 traffic around the overpass may be slowed or stopped for up to 15 minutes at a time. I-75 traffic around this overpass will frequently be down to 1 lane over night  (9pm-7am) over the coming weeks and months. Expect overnight  restrictions to 1 lane along much of the highway through Findlay, up to Wood county. The exit ramp from I-75 northbound to U.S. 68/state Route 15 (exit 156) is expected to close June 19th for approximately three years. At that time, traffic will be detoured north to the state Route 12 interchange to I-75 southbound back to U.S. 68/state Route 15. Construction of noise walls will begin within 2 months, and will be carried out from South to North. These walls should be completed by July 2018.
UPDATES as of 5/22: Northbound I-75 between OH 15 and Co. Rd. 99 will shift to the right lane this week, and construction will increase during the day. At night, both north- and southbound lanes are frequently reduced to 1 lane as construction continues through the night. The northbound I-75 exit to OH 15 will close in the next few weeks, and will remain closed for 3 years. A detour will be posted.
UPDATES as of 5/15: The Harrison Street Bridge will be closed from May 15th for an anticipated 9 months. More information on WFIN’s site. WFIN also has more information on a closure of a bridge from SR 15 to 68, plus some additional local roadworks.
Did you know there are real-time cameras in a few locations along I-75 through town? Here is one on the overpass on County Road 99. This one is a little further north. A few different perspectives can be seen from the cameras on 224.
The Ohio Department of Transportation has a Facebook page to let us all know what they’re up to, including a construction kickoff video filmed at the Findlay Airport on March 30th. Don’t get stuck in traffic – make sure you keep an eye out for updates. We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop!

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