The Kountry Cupboard Opens on Blanchard Street

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The Kountry Cupboard opened May 1st at 610 S. Blanchard, next Apple-a-Day. The business, owned by Michelle Threlkeld and Mary Ward, features handmade and upcycled items made by local vendors, including the owners. Initially, Michelle was looking to buy a building in North Baltimore where Mary was running a business of the same name. Instead, the two decided to join forces for their own joint venture, and relocated the business to Findlay.

It’s a very eclectic store, with something for everyone. Mary and Michelle make their own items, too, so they’re currently balancing time to make art with running the shop. Michelle, of Cast-Aways by Michelle, was born in Arkansas, and lived in California until moving to Findlay 2 years ago. ‘I love Ohio way more than California. When you live in California, you understand.’ She takes furniture that’s been thrown away, and gives it a new life. Sometimes a completely new use from what it was originally, such as transforming tabletops into over-sized clocks.

Once the website is up and running, they will be selling directly through the site. As an added benefit, this will also give their vendors a wider audience. Mary and Michelle are eager to promote their local artisans, and are always looking for more. While an online presence is great, they also understand that potential customers want to go and see actual pieces of art and furniture for themselves. For this reason, it is very fitting that the business is located in what was once a house. “We wanted people to have a sense of how it could look in their own home,” said Michelle. Mary noted that they will eventually be baking cookies for customers to enjoy while shopping. “We want people to come in to just sit down, and enjoy some cookies and conversation.”

The Kountry Cupboard will eventually be offering classes (likely in another location). Some vendors who display in the business will be teaching the classes. Michelle will teach classes on different wood finish techniques.

A grand opening weekend will be held May 25th, 26th, and 27th. Customers will be able to draw a discount of 10%, 20%, and 30%. Regular hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am – 6pm. They are closed Sundays and Mondays to allow the owners time in their workshops. They are also open by appointment (in case you need to pick up a large item, etc.) by calling (567)271-0270. Follow The Kountry Cupboard on Facebook.