Top 10 Art Galleries in Findlay, OH

Findlay is home to a thriving arts community, and it continues to grow. From the oldest arts organization in Findlay, the Findlay Art League, to the newest, the Marathon Center for Performing Arts, we have a lovely selection of galleries, studios, and art museums for a city of Findlay’s size. In addition to our permanent galleries and exhibits, Findlay is also home to an extremely popular biannual ArtWalk on the first Fridays of May and November.

Jones Building Artist Studios

400 1/2 South Main Street
The Jones Building is home to a number of artist studios, and the best time to check them out would definitely be during one of the biannual ArtWalks. Otherwise, the artists hold sporadic hours, and you never know who will be around – pop in anytime and see who’s there! Some of the artists also teach classes in their studios.

The Neon Heater Art Gallery

"Future Research." Chris Cox. On view until June 16, 2016.
“Future Research.” Chris Cox. On view until June 16, 2016.
400 1/2 South Main Street, Room 22
The Neon Heater is located in the Jones Building. It opened in 2012, and hosts exhibits from regional, national, and international artists. As a contemporary art gallery, it focuses on conceptually-driven installation art, photography, and new media. Because the space is small, it is ideal for solo artist or small group shows, and it offers a space for artists at no cost. You can see The Neon Heater’s upcoming exhibitions on their websiteThe gallery is open on Thursdays from 5-7PM.

Mazza Museum

1000 North Main Street, Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion
The Mazza Museum is one of Findlay’s primary tourist attractions. It houses the most diverse collection of children’s book illustrations in the world. The museum holds events throughout the year, focusing on educational programs, readings, and two conferences. The museum is open Wednesday through Friday 12-5PM and Sunday 1-4PM.

Lea Gallery (University of Findlay)

Lea Gallery
1000 North Main Street, Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion
In addition to the Mazza, the Fine Arts Pavilion at the University is also home to the Lea Gallery, which displays mainly student and faculty artwork. Keep an eye out for current and upcoming exhibitions on their page. The gallery is free and is open 8am-8pm during scheduled exhibitions.

Black Heritage Library & Multicultural Center

Black Heritage Library & Multicultural Center
817 Harmon Street

The Black Heritage Library & Multicultural Center, located on the Northeast side of Findlay, holds an important place in our community as one of the pioneering leaders in cultural diversity education in Northwest Ohio. Their walls chronologically showcase art representative of the African American experience, from Africa, to the Harlem Renaissance, to Civil Rights, to present day. The Center currently has the Smithsonian Black Wings exhibit on display, which features African American aviators–from early pioneers, to the esteemed WWII Red Tails Tuskegee Airmen, to the Space Shuttle Program. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6PM, and on the first Saturday of the month from 11AM-2PM.

Fisher/Wall Art Gallery (Marathon Center for Performing Arts)

Marathon Center for Performing Arts
Fisher/Wall Art Gallery. Photo from MCPA
200 West Main Cross Street
The newest arts organization in Findlay, The Marathon Center for Performing Arts is home to the Fisher/Wall Art Gallery, which features the work of mostly local artists. It is open during MCPA Ticket Office hours (Tue-Fri 11AM-5PM), before shows, and during intermissions.

Findlay Art League

Findlay Art League
Photo from Findlay Art League
117 West Crawford Street
Founded in 1947, Findlay Art League is the oldest art organization in the area. They show a number of exhibits from regional artists throughout the year. Most shows have an opening reception on the first Friday of the month. These are free and open to the public, and the art is available to purchase. They offer regular art classes, and everyone is invited to become a member- supporters of art, and artists alike. Check out their website for an artist directory, and a calendar of events. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 11AM-3PM.

Rieck’s Gallery

Rieck's Gallery
524 South Main Street
Rieck’s Gallery has been in Findlay for over 120 years. The upstairs of Rieck’s is almost solely dedicated to selling art. They feature many regional and national artists, and if you’re looking for a diverse array of art to decorate your home, this is a good stop to make. They’re open Monday-Friday 8-5:50, and Saturday 8-4:30.

Kan Du Studio

318 West Main Cross Street
Kan Du Studio is an extension of Blanchard Valley Industries and Blanchard Valley Center. Dozens of adult artists attend weekly to create and sell artwork, while contributing to the growing artistic community. Kan Du Studio offers a space for people of all ages, with and without developmental disabilities, to engage with other artistically-inclined people. The studio is open to the public Monday through Friday 9AM-3:30PM.

Awakening Minds Art

515 South Main Street
Awakening Minds Art’s main goal is to provide a creative space where individuals of all ages and abilities can experience art. They are looking to expand to a larger location in 2018. Help them raise funds here. The knowledgeable staff all specialize in working with children and individuals with special needs, but anybody is allowed to participate. Some of the art that is created in the studio is available for sale in the lobby. The studio is open to the public Monday through Friday 9AM-6PM and Saturday 10AM-12PM.

BONUS: Many downtown businesses around Findlay display local art (e.g. Coffee Amici, Wine Merchant, Buggy Whip Bakery, Fireside Pizza, George House, and We Serve. Coffee)

George House

Where is your favorite place to view or buy art in Findlay? Leave us a comment about your best Findlay art experiences

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