We shared an article in June that the Dark Horse restaurant would be undergoing some renovations this year. Millstream Building Systems is hard at work as things continue, and the restaurant remains open for business. We can’t wait to see it when it’s all done! Until then, we have some photos of what’s going on.
Sometime later on (possibly late September), the restaurant will close for about 5 days so a new floor can be put down, walls can be painted, and new furniture can move in. There will be new tables and chair, new bar stools, and possibly even a new bar top! The staff and menu will remain the same – the building is just being brightened up! The parking lot will be expanded, and the whole lot will be resurfaced and restriped later on.
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Neeli Oler, owner of the restaurant, will finally have her very own office! She’s excited to order a desk, and no longer do paperwork sitting at the bar.

Neeli’s office
Guests will be greeted by a hostess in the new waiting area. There will be benches and a TV in this nice new space, where they can sit while waiting for a table at busy times. A fantastic step up from crowding in the entry way!

The entrance into the dining area is now at the corner of the room, instead of in the middle.

A new walk-in cooler/freezer is taking shape, as well as a new storage area. The new bathrooms are colorful!

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