Admit it – you get distracted by the internet during the day. If your time management has taken a hit, chances are you’re browsing through social media, shopping, or catching up on local news online. Check out this list of the top local sources of online entertainment, and everything you want you know about your neighbor. They may not all be politically correct, but they are still our guilty pleasures.

In no particular order:

1. Findlay Online Garage Sales

Too hot or cold to go outside to sort through treasures? Luckily you can shop multiple garage sale groups from the comfort of your couch. Check out Findlay Online Garage Sale, Findlay, OH & Surrounding areas Online Flea Market/Garage Sale, Trash and Treasure Findlay Ohio for starts. Looking for the real thing? Use Social Findlay’s Garage Sale Map to find an interactive map of local sales.

2. The Courier Docket

A wittily-worded narrative of the city’s public records can be found here every day. Crimes, marriage licenses, divorces, fires, coroner’s report results, and real estate transfers are all included.

3. Hancock County Active Inmates

Well, it’s not the Hilton. If you’ve read through the Docket and want to put faces to the names, you can find them on the Hancock County Active Inmate database. Check out “Crime Websites in Findlay Ohio” for other local crime-related websites.

4. Auditor Property Search

Ever wonder what your neighbor or co-worker paid for their house? Curious about property taxes? The Hancock County Auditor’s website details property exchanges and ownership.

5. Community Watch Map

A constantly-updated interactive map showing the location of crimes around town. It can be sorted by periods of time, or type of crime.

6. Assholes of Findlay

This Twitter account cruises the web in search of grammatical errors, poor parking, and questionable garage sale ads. Love it or hate it, nobody is safe from Assholes of Findlay’s keen eye and stinging wit.

7. OH Go Traffic Alerts

Check throughout the day, especially at the end of the work day. It keeps you in the know with any traffic alerts around the area so you can plan your route without any surprises along the way.


Findlay is part of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s District 1, based out of Lima. Their website provides updates of local projects, including the changes being made to I-75, US-68, OH-15, and Lima Ave. You can subscribe to email or text ODOT updates here.

9. Hancock County Flood Mitigation

The Maumee Watershed Conservancy District is a flood mitigation group. Together with the county, they are working to reduce flooding in the area. Once current projects are complete, over 750 parcels within Findlay will be removed from the 100-year flood plain. Their website includes plans, projects, news, and updates on the process.

10. Blanchard River and Eagle Creek Levels

The National Weather Service maintains online prediction graphs for water levels of the Blanchard River and Eagle Creek. When it’s been raining for a while, or snow is melting, visit these pages for the water levels and predictions.

11. Findlay/Lima Craigslist

You never know what you might find on Craigslist…

12. You Know You Are From Findlay When…

Feeling nostalgic? Journey back in time through Findlay history as seen through the eyes of its residents, past and present. Reminisce about your elementary school days, and favorite restaurants, and catch up with old friends through this Facebook group.

13. Courier Cam

No window in your office? Check weather and traffic conditions at this busy downtown intersection. The Courier live streaming camera is also a great way to check out one of our local downtown events and parades. From time to time our viewers have witnessed some interesting activity – check out the Best of CourierCam images.

14. Humans of Findlay

Inspired by the popular Facebook page, Humans of New York, this directory of Findlay faces tells the stories of local residents. Get to know the community, one photo and story at a time!

15. Social Findlay Blogs

We HAD to include our own blog, right? On Social Findlay, you can find the best patios in town, what to do at the park, or even historical facts about Findlay you may not have known! Don’t forget to take a look at our Event Calendar to find something fun to do!

16. Hancock Public Health Department

The Health Department Inspection Website lists results of health inspections at local businesses: restaurants/food facilities, public pools/spas, campgrounds/RV parks, trailer parks, tattoo & body piercing studios. They’re listed in alphabetical order by town, and results of recent inspections available to be viewed.

17. DATA USA: Findlay, OH

If you’re a numbers person, this is the site for you! It shows extremely detailed reports of our local economy, health & safety, education, diversity, and more.

18. Neighborhood Enhancement and Abatement Team (N.E.A.T.)

While this City organization has existed since 2004, it has come to light again in 2018 due to a new Findlay rule. City Council unanimously approved to enforce a 6-inch limit on grass. You can, however, submit complaints for several different reasons. The N.E.A.T. website lists”issues such as abandoned vehicles, tall grass, trash, sidewalk nuisances, right of way issues, dilapidated structures, junk on premises, minor maintenance and similar issues. Each issue that is submitted to NEAT is investigated, photographed and cataloged. Property owners are notified via U.S. Mail and/or personal visits from NEAT personnel.”

19. Downtown Parking Map

Contrary to popular belief, there really are a lot of parking options downtown – you just may have to walk a block or two (that’ nothing compared to how far someone walks while grocery shopping). Support our many great locally-owned downtown businesses!

20. City of Findlay

The City of Findlay’s site includes links to all city departments, bill pay, police & fire departments, news, permits, parks & recreation, FAQs, contacts, and other important information.

21. Municipal & Common Pleas Court Search

Snoop – erm…search local city and county court records by name.

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