Two 1888 Queen Anne style Victorian mansions are currently on the market in Findlay. While that in itself may not sound out of the ordinary, one fact about them is: they are mirror images of each other!

2816 N. Main Street is known as the “Charles H. Bigelow House,” named for its original tenant, who lived there for nearly 40 years. While it is perhaps one of the most recognizable homes in town, its twin is hidden from the main drag, located at 1110 Hurd Ave. Both homes feature stunning original woodwork, including ornate inlay in many rooms of the Main St. home.

Even the staircases are mirrored:

The N. Main home offers 4-bedrooms, 1.5-baths, and 7 fireplaces. The home retains many original features, including original stained glass windows. Vintage 1920-40s black and white tile can be found in the bathroom. The listing showcases the home furnished similarly to how it could have looked when the first tenants lived there. The cost to build the home in 1888 was $10,000. According to, that’s about $1.5-2.5 million of today’s currency value. The price tag is $434,000.

1110 Hurd Ave. lacks the N. Main home’s turret. It contains 6 fireplaces, 5 bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms. The home is listed for $389,900, and photos feature the home unfurnished.

2816 N. Main St. listing

1110 Hurd Ave. listing

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